ingenieurbüro anke koch

We are an engineering firm based in Hamburg-Blankenese.

Our team comprises construction engineers, architects, material ecologists and commercial staff. The focus of our activities is on sustainability certification according to German and international standards. We participate in regular advanced training courses and are qualified, among other things, as licenced DGNB Auditors, LEED Accredited Professionals and BREEAM Assessors. We support you with the certification of all currently available systems for urban districts, residential buildings as well as existing and new constructions including leased buildings.

Our services

  • We certify according to DGNB, LEED, HCH, BNB, NaWoh and BREEAM standards
  • We optimise building parameters and prepare verification on the basis of  expert opinions on physical structural characteristics
  • We analyse life cycle costs and implement cost management
  • We formulate your tendering documents
  • We conduct quality controls on the construction site

Our clients

  • Private investors such as banks, insurance companies and industry
  • Public sector
  • Project developers and project control companies
  • General planners, general contractors and building companies
  • Operators

Your benefits

  • We have experience in the support of certification projects
  • We are experts in the field of diverse certification standards
  • We maintain close contact with research and the market for building materials and components
  • We have an industry-overlapping and interdisciplinary mindset