Ways to improve your property, rental space, assets and funds with regard to their value and sustainability both economically and ecologically.

ibak is an interdisciplinary office of architects, experts in building construction, material ecologists as well as engineers in energy management and environmental technology, and was founded in 2010. Building certifications according to both German and international standards are the focus of our main line of work.

We have degrees as licensed DGNB Auditors, LEED and WELL Accredited Professionals, WELL Performance Testing Agents and BREEAM Assessors. Having extensive professional experience in the handling of complex and innovative construction projects as well as international contacts and cooperative partners enables us to provide qualified and competent advice on the certification of all currently available systems for urban districts, residential buildings as well as existing and new buildings including tenant fit-outs.

What we do

Building certifications

CO2 calculations and life cycle assessments

Building simulations

Light and acoustic measurements

Water and air analysis

Expert opinion

Energy audits

Tender documents, material testing processes, etc.

Orderly commissioning of building system components

Our Clients

Private Investors, project developers and project management companies

Real Estate Portfolio Managers, Asset Managers and fund holders

Banks, insurance companies and the industrial sector

Public sector


Planners, general planners, General Contractors and construction companies

Consulting Services

Over the last ten years, the requirements for Sustainable Real Estate have developed dynamically, with regard to global environmental protection and our joint responsibility for future generations. For you as a building owner, company or asset manager, it ist not only your responsibility but also offers you the opportunity to rethink established concepts. We will encourage you ‘to think’ rather than rethink, taking into account your company-specific, project specific or economic interests.

  • Promotion of marketing or the financing of Real Estate through building certification
  • Certification as a condition for the purchase of a property by potential end-investors, for leasing by prospective tenants
  • Green Lease Agreements
  • Development of Sustainability goals in the form of ESGs (Environmental Social Governance goals) at the company level
  • Calculation or reduction of CO2 emissions for Real Estate or at the social level
  • Creation of optimal foundations for sustainable building construction projects at the infrastructure level within the framework of urban district development
  • Design of rental space that goes far beyond the German or labor law standards in terms of room acoustics, material ecology, visual or ergonomic aspects
  • Building materials for kindergartens, schools and training centers that are ecologically healthy environments
  • Recycling management in the building industry (maximum recycling potential, cradle to cradle integration)
  • New ideas for more innovations which require in-depth expertise and three-dimensional thinking

Practice what you preach

Our company is located in a villa dating back to 1912. If you look at our Energy Balance report, there is still room for improvement. Otherwise we live what we teach.

  • Nearly paperless office
  • Waste avoidance by intense recycling efforts
  • Electricity from a 100% renewable resources
  • CO2 credits for courier services and postal dispatch and travel
  • Height adjustable tables at more than 50% of workstations
  • Workplace ergonomic tools and measures
  • Biophilia: plants around the entire office, a winter garden, yard and urban gardens on terraces
  • Promoting daily work breaks
  • Consideration of the requirements of people with allergies and vegetarians