The founding of Arc Skoru Inc., a subsidiary of GBCI, took place in 2016. arc offers the system and digital platform in order to make the certification of sustainable buildings more transparent, the current performance of buildings more visible and comparable as well as to manage building portfolios.

The methodology is also useful for real estate where there is no aspiration for building certification, but where their operating figures should be kept track of and optimised. arc therefore offers an easy entry for building projects with the goal to have these certified in accordance with LEED or other GBCI systems such as GRESB, WELL, PEER, SITES, Parksmart etc. For projects where several certifications should be provided, synergies can be utilised. arc assesses the performance of a project in these five categories:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Transportation
  • Human Experience


  • Developed as globally utilisable instrument for the valuation of individual properties + building portfolios
  • Focus on the reduction of CO2 as valuation matrix for the energy efficiency
  • Documentation in English which is a benefit for international trade and comparison of real estate, also on a portfolio level or real estate of a “Green Fond”
  • Content-related and digitised linking to the systems LEED, PEER, WELL, EDGE, GRESB, PARKSMART etc.
More Information

Score of 40 – 100

The LEED seals can be generated from this,

for example

  • LEED Certified Score 40
  • LEED Silver Score 50
  • LEED Gold Score 65
  • LEED Platinum Score 80


arc permits a digital linking of the investors in-house administration of Environmental Sustainability Goals – ESGs. Moreover, diverse data collection tools are linked with the arc platform. These were developed by the “arc integration partners”, such as measurabl, arbnco, schneider electric, amongst others, see

Examples of our arc References