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The “WELL Building Standard” (WELL) was developed to market maturity by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). The goal of the procedure is to optimise health in working and living areas; this being at an extent that goes far beyond the specifications of European standards or guidelines.

The system can be used for new buildings, interior furnishings as well as refined shell, designated as “WELL Core”. The valuation takes place based on the following theme fields, designated as “Concepts”:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Movement
  • Thermal Comfort
  • Sound
  • Materials
  • Mind
  • Community
  • Innovations

The monitoring of the planning is carried out by the so-called “WELL Accredited Professional“ (WELL AP). The confirmation of the assumptions is carried out by an independent “WELL Performance Testing Agent“ (WELL PTA), who carries out comprehensive laboratory analyses of the water and air quality as well as measurements of the room acoustics, building acoustics and light quality (in particular the new theme field Circadian Lighting). Due to the respective licenses, ibak is able to offer both services.


  • After successful certification: A significant increase in attractiveness for the target groups of tenants and owners who, in the scope of their corporate identity, place particular value in the well-being, health and thus the productivity of their employees
  • Significant increase in attractiveness of work places and thus employee retention
  • Comprehensive measurements and analyses for quality control ensure for transparency with regard to measurable room conditions

International WELL Building Institute
WELL online Plattform
WELL Performance Testing /performance-testing

  • WELL Silver
  • WELL Gold
  • WELL Platinum

In the meantime, an implementation of the standards is also possible at a portfolio level; this being at favourable conditions on the part of the system provider, see also